Poke 10

Nevie Pie Cakes & I were asked by Poke London (who I do non cake work for too) to come up with a series of tables to celebrate their 10th birthday,  all of which had to be inspired by a website they have created over the past 10 years. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO POKE!!!

1) Orange Unlimited

The concept for this cake came from the fact that the website featured lots of rainbows making rainbow cake a must. As it was a 10th birthday, Nevie Pie Cakes created this ten layer beast of a rainbow cake topped with Smarties. Mirror cards were used at either end of the cake to give an unlimited feel.

2) Spot The Bull

Unquestionably this was my favorite table, and was inspired by ‘Spot The Bull’. A field of cake was created (chocolate topped with iced grass) and on top of this INCREDIBLE cookie mushrooms, a painted cookie rabbit and best of all a cowpat cookie were also added. Fake flies were used to give a ‘realistic effect.  In line with the concept of the website, three toy bulls were hidden in the cake – anyone getting a slice with a bull in winning one of three prizes; bull horns, pack of fake flies or a box of chocolate cowpats.

3) Skype

Simply but brilliant – 2 Skype decorated cakes were placed at each end of the party venue, and on a live call to each other during the night.

4) The Rich List

Poke designed some Rich List money which we printed onto rice paper using our beloved edible printer. We also placed a variety of cake pops, macarons & cupcakes on a cupcake stand. A spray booth (ok it was a cardboard box) was provided in which people could turn their own food gold using food spray, edible gold leaf, gold lustre and small glitter stars. I have a real soft spot for this space and want to do it again soon!!!

5) Poke

Of course Poke had to have their own Birthday Cake – (party) hats off to Nevie Pie for icing this beast using one sheet.

6) Huffington Post

The table for the Huffington Post was split into two, one featuring red cupcakes, macarons and cake pops, the other green. Two tubes where provided with guests voting on if the agreed or disagreed with the answer by placing their rubbish in the right tube.

7) Cock-a-Doodle

Plain white iced cookies were provided in bags along with edible ink pens. Guests were encouraged to draw a cock on their cookie to give to a friend. They needed little encouragement!!! I loved this table as it was no interact with the point being guests were actively encouraged to draw ALL over it!!!

8) Orange Balloonacy

Stunning Nevie Pie cookies & orange cupcakes from Crumbs & Doilies attached to a balloon. We also printed off images on online icons such as Piano Cat & Benton / Fenton onto rice paper for guests to eat.


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