The Mad Artists Tea was formed in 2010 by “Miss Cakehead” with the aim of continuing to support creativity in cake making, and to campaign for the skill of cake decorating to become increasingly recognized as an important field of art. It works with both professional & amateur cake makers finding and nuturing new baking talent, whist continuing to push the limits of creativity with cake.It undertakes a variety of different projects for clients such as Food Network & Kerrang!

Cakehead Loves is the name of the agency formed by Miss Cakehead also creates and curates home baked projects such as Eat Your Heart Out (sponsored by Alibi PRETOX) & Cake Britain (sponsored by Tate & Lyle) in addition to her (non cake) work as a freelance creative. You can read her full CV here.

For details of out 18+ projects please head here.


3 responses to “ABOUT

  1. I was wondering how much ur cakes are, and if you allow people to order cakes if I don’t live close by. Because me fiancee is a horror man, he loves blood and nothing seems to scare him. Which is why when I saw your cakes I fell in love. It is early, but we are getting married amd when we pick a date I was hoping maybe you could make me a bachelor horror cake. Thanks for your time.


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