Pet pops

Whilst these may not be the most beautiful / dainty cake pops I have ever seen I have to say fair play to Kiss & Bake Up for managing to come up with a new concept for the marketing of her cake pops, a task a LOT harder than it may seem at first… customised Pet Pops. They may be on the rustic side but you know what if I owned any of these pets I’d love to have the matching pet pop!!! Would so be ordering some in the shape of Fish & Darth if I was not already sick to the back teeth of cake…

A large cake pop measuring around 9cms tall in most creatures, Sarah can produce almost any animal without molds, completely handmade, modelled, carved and painted, and completely edible.
What is more, Sarah can gift box them and send them in the post, ideal for gifts, wedding favours, you name it!

CONTACT: or visit

PS: Look out for polar bears, robins, reindeer, arctic foxes and arctic bunnies in the run up to Christmas!


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